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Miércoles 13 de junio
18:00 hrs.
Erasmo Escala 1822,
Metro Los Héroes
Sala E11

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Camilo Ramos:

La carrera de Pedagogía en Inglés de la Facultad de Educación, le invitan al Seminario "The bard speaks: William Shakespeare and learning English as a Foreign Language".

This seminar presents and discusses what is achieved by bringing together the works of William Shakespeare and the English language class. The seminar examines the role and relevance such works can and, it argues, must play, in a process of language learning whose ultimate goal is for students to become proficient in English and the living, palpable and current political culture that is lodged inside it and informs it and is informed by it.

Presenta: Andrea Valenzuela studied in the UK and US. Has taught at universities and secondary schools in the US and Chile, and currently teaches literature in English at Pedagogía en Inglés and MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, UAH.